Charlie's new fixation

is being nakey. It takes two of us to wrestle clothes onto him and you have to really get it snapped on well, or it all comes right off. Yesterday, I caught him lying naked in front of the tv, using his (clean) diaper as a pillow.

He has started insisting that he must be nakey all the time and that he wants daddy to be like him. Nothing is funnier than the sight of Dowlan holding onto his shorts for dear life.

He refuses all shoes that actually fit him, and will only wear his sisters' shoes, which are naturally too big for him and, well, pink.

Now that we're providing afterschool care for a classmate of Dixie's, this is getting all very hard to explain. I never realized how bizarre the things that go on in our house must look to the innocent five-year-olds who come from more normal families.


Anonymous said...

hahahah. My son would only wear pink, sparkly shoes until he was FIVE. He is just now five.

The Beach Life said...


At least he doesn't take a smoke detector with him everywhere. EVERYWHERE.