There's a problem with my new bed

I know I mentioned getting a new mattress, but I didn't give you the lowdown on it. We didn't just get a mattress, we got the most spectacular somnambulatory surface in human history.

I was starting to develop mattress-testing fatigue after laying on dozens of mattresses in a half dozen stores. After awhile, my notetaking became meaningless and they seemed to simply fall into three categories: yeouch, meh and ahhhh. But with so many factors to compare and so many discrepancies between my preferences and Dowlan's, this was not going so well. Anything we both liked was crazy expensive. Our mattress budget of $600 wasn't exactly cheaping out, either.

I stopped into a Mattress Firm I found in the parking lot between JC Penny's and IKEA on a whim. I tested their affordable mattresses and found them mostly meh, then saw a queen-sized showroom model Sleep Number bed 70% off by the front door.

Those puppies are expensive, just in case you'd wondered, and even at that steep a discount it was over our budget by more than $200. Since we'd budgeted about that much to buy a new bed when we decided to go up a size, a quick cellphone call home to Dolie brought us to the determination that, for this good a deal, that sucker can go on the floor.

The kid (and husband) love having a bed with remotes. I love having the ability to adjust my half to whatever pain levels and locations I'm dealing with that day. The first two nights on it, I slept close to 12 hours. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I'm actually having a lot of dreams now that I'm not as interrupted in my sleep.

The only problem? Neither of us wants to get out of bed anymore. It's making it really hard to get to school and church on time. It feels that good.

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mrslittletrey said...

I have always wondered if those things were really worth the money.

I think I have to start a mattress fund. I haven't had a really goods night sleep in quite awhile.