She has no future as a detective

Melody woke me up this morning, panicked because she couldnt find Dixie. I looked at all the places she normally ends up: on the floor next to our bed and both couches. I thought I better check her room before Charlie's because I didn't want to wake The Grump.

I walk into her room and look on her bed, where Dixie is sound asleep


Lori said...

It's good to narrow down the career possibilities early. So many people waste time in college trying to decide what they want to be.

Betsy said...

That is too funny!!

Shannon said...

Email me when you get a chance? scarino @ gmail.

We were at the Mattel Toy Store today and I was making a list of pricing/items for a friend that I thought you might want a copy of. She's got girls too, so it's mostly those items.