This is what happens when your computer stops working for a day

Yesterday morning, I awoke to find my home decorated in the style of Early Fisher Price, as per our norm. Once the girls were shuffled off to school, it was time to settle in for my morning coffee and enterwebz time, only to discover that my laptop was a very sick little girl.

This left me no choice but to clean.

After hours of sorting through toys, taking bags to goodwill, and dumping anything she didn't think they would miss, I turned sights to the hamper and soon found myself going to bed with my home decorated in the style of Sloppily Folded Laundry.

If I could only work up the courage to face the laundry demon, my home would be truly clean.


Also last night:

Schrodinger had taken a little trip outdoors in the afternoon while the kids were playing in the yard, but I'd forgotten to get him back in before leaving for work. At bedtime, Dixie realized he was still outside and began to fuh-reak out. Melody was quite excited by the thought of Schrodinger having his First Big Adventure, but worried that he had forgot to come home after his adventuring.

Unwilling to take three kids outside in the dark to look for a grey cat in the grey shadows, I told them that we'd go look as soon as they were in bed. Dixie could not be placated, however, so Dowlan agreed to go look while they brushed their teeth.

He opened the front door and there the cat awaited him. He's no fool--he knows who feeds him. Melody was ecstatic that, "Schrodinger came back from his First Big Adventure into the Big, Wild World safely!"

Dixie immediately began to fuss over him as he darted for his food dish. I then overheard this conversation in my kitchen.

Melody: I am so glad our grey tabby is safe!
Dixie: Oh, yes. He is a brave hero. Just look at him! I think I see a bit of meat hanging from his mouth.
Melody: I see it! I see the meat! Schrodinger, you are a Great Hunter.
Dixie: He must have killed a deer while he was gone and eaten it! What a brave and strong kitty we have!
Melody: I am so proud of you for this!

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Jeremiah said...

Schrodinger sounds a lot like Benji, except Schrodinger would probably eat Benji.