Holed up sick: day 3

With everyone sick, I have no hope of getting this place clean. To help matters, we didnt get the dumpster out last week and the trash is taking over the kitchen. At least it is now in large black bags, but it is drizzling outside so we cannot take them out to the porch. Instead, I'll collect random conversations to share:

Dowlan: Do we have any money in the bank? I want to buy a nut milk bag.

Dixie: I do a LOT of Satan things.

Melody: thumbs give out germs, so never eat a thumb.

Dixie: I'm having Schrodinger practice to take care of an egg for when his wife has an egg he can help.
Me: Honey, kittens don't lay eggs.
Melody: Yeah! they lay kittens.

At one point, the girls were having a contest to see who can hold their breath the longest. I'm encouraging this, if only because they can't speak while holding their breath.

I told the girls, "For the love of Jesus Christ and all that is holy, stop jumping on me!"
They told me I was being rude to Jesus.

Later, Dixie came out of time out, sad that she did not have a puppy to toss.

There were highlights of the day, though. Like candy-corn manicures:

Tomorrow is a school holiday. I hope we make it that long.

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Shannon said...

I think this one is my favorite:

Dixie: I do a LOT of Satan things.