A follow-up

I realized that I didn't share my response to, "Can we have Moon Pies for breakfast?"

Bill Cosby's logic about chocolate cake for breakfast immediately came to mind. It probably has eggs. Milk. Wheat. Yes there is also the chocolate to contend with, and the marshmallow, but it is probably no worse than Count Chocula, right? And, while I am not one of them, there are moms all across this great nation who think nothing of feeding that to their [s]obese[/s] children for breakfast.

Combine that with the fact that Dowlan and I are both skilled practitioners of 'sleep logic' and 'snooze button logic.' The idea behind both is that, when you're still mostly asleep, any decision that would result in you sleeping longer is always a good idea.

So the answer, naturally, was "Yes. Yes you may."

While on the topic, I should share what Melody told me this morning: Mommy, when I woke up, my eyes were cranky, so I shut them, and they slept a little more. And when I opened them up, they were still a little cranky, so I shut them again. And then I shut them just one more time after that. But then I opened them again and, guess what? I was awake!

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