He's a boy.

Charlie's new trick? Spitting. Not just spitting, no, that wouldn't be irritating enough. He loves to take several bites, chew them up, then send them spraying. He did this last night, so we put him in the crib for time-out. The idea was, that when he stopped spitting, he could come out.

That never happened.

He jumped up and down in his crib for an HOUR, making spit noises. Then we moved him to a chair, where he spit. He likes to make whoopee cushion noises as he runs in circles around the house, making his little spit/fart (spart?) noise with every step.

His sisters NEVER did this.

And Cindy--can you put the link to Leah's blog in my comments? I used to read often, but I haven't been in a few months.


Anonymous said...

Boys do stuff like this...Wait till he's ten. The bathroom noises
and burping really begins.
They can amuse themselves for hours this way. About 13-14 they discover they can light their farts on fire. There isn't a mother on the planet that thinks she will live through this stage!
But the next one always comes!
My son turned 30 yesterday!!!

Leah's blog is pretty cool these

Betsy Hart said...

Oh my gosh! I would be soooo irritated. My two year old spits sometimes (thank you daddy!) and it drives me batty!!

And I agree Leah's blog is cool!