Melody's bad dream.

"I dreamed that I died and became a ghost and was all lonely because no one could hug me and I couldn't eat or play. And then Daddy sold our home and moved away and I couldn't go with him and I was left all alone."

and more Deep Thoughts, with Melody:

We were watching the opening ceremony of the olympics. During one part, they showed the outside of the arena, where they had massive footprint-shaped fireworks timed to look like they were walking up the streets of Beijing.

Melody watches a bit, cocks her head and says, "Mommy, I think God is walking to the place and those are his footprints."


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are pretty deep comments for such a little person. My 8 year old dd will say some interesting things but my 5 year old ds is the profound deep thinker of the group.

Anonymous said...

That's very true about having the faith of a child.

That's such a deep, beautiful thing she said. Keep that quote.