I think this may be a sign that I am tired

I sat down, opened up my blog, saw that there were no new posts, and, disappointed, shut the window.


Trey said...

I do that with your blog all the time. Oh wait, nevermind.

Cindy said...

Trey is funny.
I haven't been able to visit your blog as my sciatic nerve has been out. The hobo party was a wonderful idea! You are clever.
I'll be back so don't shut the window!

Anonymous said...

Man, Gretchen. I am disappointed. Here I sit, with my glass of wine, ready to read your blog . . . and there is nothing! So, I am forced to post. :)


josie said...

i knew i should have told you that my dad used to sing the bill cosby song to us when he made breakfast... that is what i get for keeping quiet- no new entries

Nikki said...

WHAT??? This is comedy relief for me after a long day of work!!! I check your blog every day!

I need you to POST!!!!!

Kat said...

That is so me. I love it!