Apparently, the last rule list was not comprehensive enough

I forgot to include No Kittyback Riding. Thanks, Dixie. Simon really appreciated that.

Tomorrow, we're having Girl Day, courtesy of Wal-Mart. At 9:30, the girls are going with me to get my eyes checked for new glasses, then we're walking over to the pretzel place for a treat (because I have a coupon). The next stop is the hair salon at the front of the store, where the girls are getting 'real haircuts' like mommy got yesterday. Then we drive across the interstate to go to Sam's, where each girl can pick out their first day of school dress. We'll pick up a pizza from the deli, then come home to have lunch with the boys and make hair bows to match their dress selections.

Later that night we go to their school to drop off their excessively-labeled supplies and let them meet their teachers before they start Kindergarten. Hopefully, this will all go charmingly as planned, and I won't have any lovely snares in my plan, such as getting caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart.

I realize this example sounds completely random, but I learned last week that going through the self-checkout while dead-on-your-feet tired can have very negative consequences. Fortunately, I was neither harassed nor arrested, and just allowed to go back and pay for the label maker that I still swear I heard beep before going home to label markers and their caps individually with small labels of Dixie and Melody.

I think I may have to rename my blog Misadventures With Gretchen.


Betsy said...

Even a misadventure is an adventure, glad they didn't give you too much hassle. :)

Anonymous said...

Have the girls met their teachers yet??

~ Papa

DowlanSmith said...

papa, they meet them tonight, but when i came home from the parent meeting and told them who they had, they already knew them.

tomorrow once we drop the silly girls off at school, it's party with charlie time. he's going to get more parental attention than he'll know what to do with!

Deanna said...

How was the girl day?? Because it *sounds* lovely, but then I thought our school supply shopping trip was going to be lovely...