I think I am the only sane mother in this country

I keep hearing my friends sniffle over their babies start school tomorrow. I, on the other hand, cannot wait! The backpacks are full of excessively-labeled supplies, the lunches are packed, the children are sleeping, the haircuts are adorable and new outfits await the occasion.

At 8:15 tomorrow morning I intend to take a few pictures before standing in the middle of the kindergarten hallway and pushing one girl in each direction before I go drink coffee with the other mommies. To steal a term from our minister, we'll call it a boo-hoo/woo-hoo! party . . .

Then I will come home and clean. AND it will stay that way for a few hours. Charlie, daddy and I will hang out and play and have lunch and begrudgingly go collect our wild girl chicks at 2:00.

Girliness day was a total blast. But hitting the optometrist, pretzel stand, eyeglass place, hair salon, Wal-Mart, Sam's and Kohl's in just under three hours was more than enough family togetherness for this mommy who so greatly anticipates the freedom that tomorrow brings!


Lauren said...

My oldest starts 3 day a week all day preschool next Wednesday. If it wasn't for the fact that I have to sign her in, I would be pushing her out of the car and speeding off. I am secretly more excited than she is. Of course I really didn't think this out to well since I am adding a new baby about the same time I am getting rid of one.

Betsy Hart said...

YAY for back to school!!