I can't remember which morning it was, only that I did NOT want to wake up. As Melody squirmed her little body closer and closer to mine, my eyes refused to open and i squeezed my pillow tighter and tighter.

If you have ever tried to ignore my children, you know the futility of what I was doing. She kept talking and talking, and every now and then I would murmur some perfunctory response to put her off a few more minutes.

My eyes popped open, though, when I realized what I'd just said.

Melody: Mommy, I think that fairies are not really real.
Gretchen: Yup. You're right.
Melody: And if fairies are not really real, then that means that the tooth fairy is not really real.
Gretchen. Yup. You're right.
Melody: It's just grownups that like to play pretend to surprise kids, right?
Gretchen: Yup. Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa---wait! I'll wake up now!



Lori said...

That's too funny. Has she mentioned since then? Maybe it was so mumbled (hey, you were trying to sleep) that she didn't understand?

Betsy said...

Did she catch all that you said? lol