Ten Hours . . .

until Charlie's evaluation for the preschool program for children with disabilities (PPCD) through the school district. We'll drop the girls off at school at 8:15 and then drive the six blocks to the other school where the meeting will happen.

From what I understand, this is the next step in getting him the help he needs for his possible autism/asperger's. It is supposed to take 60-90 minutes and they will talk to us, interact with him and watch him play. If he does fit within their guidelines, there will be more testing to get a diagnosis and therapy plan. It can take up to two months from tomorrow's meeting before he actually gets to start in the program, but everyone tells me they try to get it done much more quickly than that.

If this doesn't work out, I am not sure what happens next. Because of all the temp work, Medicaid shifted the kids over to CHIP and they haven't finished paperwork yet to cover them. We'll likely be taking him to weekly occupational and speech therapies at the minimum.

If it does work out, he will have therapies as part of his program and Dowlan and I will have more support in learning how Charlie learns so that we can teach him to overcome the social and developmental delays he struggles with.

I will update when we can tomorrow. I am glad I had the girls' first day of K to distract me from this because I have been on edge for weeks and all this not knowing is about to kill me.


Anonymous said...

occupational therapy? get that boy a job!


Betsy said...

I'm glad you are getting things taken care of. I pray for wisdom of the people doing the evaluating to know what he needs and be able to help.