If cleanliness is next to Godliness,

then I am on a mission from God.

Now that the girls are in school, housework seems to stick longer. Charlie really only plays with the same few things over and over again, so I feel like I actually make progress while he's the only one home.

My back is hurting again, but I can break things down into short enough spurts that I can get it all done, if I really focus my energy on it. So your job as my faithful reader this week is to badger me relentlessly on the state of my house until I can show my face in public again.

Here is our current status:
  • kitchen: a few dishes from clean--DONE
  • dining room: two clutter spots from clean
  • master bedroom: robot is the last step, and he's working hard--DONE
  • living room: pick up toys and it is fine
  • laundry room: existence of the floor is mere rumor
  • girls' bathroom: ew.--DONE
  • master bathroom: DONE
  • girls' room: awaiting the FEMA ruling--MINOR IMPROVEMENT
  • Charlie's room: needs some reorganization
  • sewing room: in need of archeological excavation

this week, they will all be clean. The phrase, "Come hell or high water" comes to mind.

Feel free to place bets in the comments section. I'm not sure if NCAA rules apply here. At the end of the week, we can either celebrate with a laundry party or a pity party


Betsy said...

baby bites! I hope it gets into its proper order soon for you! ;)

Carol said...

Nowhere in the Bible does it actually say anything about cleanliness being next to Godliness." Kick back, take it easy. Lower your expectations, then when you do something small, your whole family will take notice! :)

Lynn said...

That's funny. I am fairly certain that you will accomplish the things on your list and possibly even add some more things in...just a guess after knowing you for the last how many years! Good luck with it all. But please don't forget to take breaks and give your back, heart, and mind a chance to rest!