Now with 68% more kewl!

The problem with playing online games is that your opponent is, well, someone from The Enterwebz. Sure, I occasionally end up Farkling with an Australian or Farming for someone I am amused to find lives only a few miles away, but the chat that accompanies such games is not always so stimulating. Take this Facebook Farkle conversation:

Shannon: u gud at dis?
Gretchen: some days.
Shannon: lol
Shannon: u gud at dis 2dai?
Gretchen: looks like it.
Gretchen: how about you?
Shannon: ye im ok some days
Shannon: ill win lol and ull lose lol
Gretchen: maybe
Shannon: oh
Gretchen: good game

I would like to point out two things. First, that "u gud at dis 2dai?" and "Are you good at this today?" are strikingly different in that the time saved in typing 13 letters versus 21 letters does save them approximately 1/3 of their keystroke power and provides them as much as 68% more cool. However, I am not sure this difference of 8 letters is enough to balance out the total IQ points lost in the transaction.

Another is that 'ill win lol and ull lose lol' was typed when I was 50 points behind her in a 10,000 point game. I have no idea where Cean'yn (as I have renamed her) lives, but she needs a class action lawsuit against her local school district. They are obviously failing her.

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Ksagstetter said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love you. I was just talking about this--whenever I go on one of my disastrous dates, my first inkling that it's going to go badly is usually a text message that I can barely decipher. Come on, we're grownups. Don't text me in tween-speak. There should never, ever be a number inserted into the middle of a word. It doesn't even save time to type "L8ter" instead of "later".