Mommy: Last night I dreamed about bread. I was trying to make sandwiches for some big event at church and kept running out of bread. Daddy would run to the store for more, but each bag, once I opened it, only had two heels and one smushed piece inside.
Dixie: I dreamed I ate all the birthday cake.
Melody: I dreamed it was Charlie's birthday party again! We both dreamed about birthdays!
Dixie (picking up Schrodinger): I wonder what Schrodinger dreamed about? Did you dream about being in your mama kitty's tummy? I wish your mama kitty could live with us, too. Did you dream about snuggling up with her?

Sigh. What about you, Dixie? How much do you still dream about your first mommy?

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Betsy said...

:( that makes me want to cry. Poor Momma!! You are awesome!