After having porkloin for lunch and ham for dinner Sunday, Melody asked 'Why all the pig?' and then later wanted to know if we could have bacon-wrapped hot dogs for lunch on Monday.


After spending time with an older friend, Dixie had many interesting things to say about men and women. Went something like this:

D: I know why people REALLY want to have boyfriends and girlfriends.
M: Oh, really? Why is that?
D: It has to do with their . . . (freeze. turn red. pause for at least two minutes. drop voice to a whisper) . . . their bellybuttons.
M: You don't say.
D: Yes. See, boys and girls . . . men and women . . . (suddenly talking very quickly) You know how your bellybutton is different than Daddy's? His is all . . . and yours is all . . . Well, they're different. Knowhatimean?
M: Their bellybuttons are different? Sure. Yeah.
D: And people have boyfriends and girlfriends because they're going around looking for someone whose bellybutton matches theirs. Well, not matches, because they want one that's different. It's like they're looking for a bellybutton that fits with theirs.
M: So it's all about the bellybutton? That's what it's all about? (Thinking: Not the hokey-pokey?)
D: Yes. Bellybuttons. It is all about the bellybuttons and how they fit. And . . . maybe it has something also to do with the (whisper) penis.


Megaroonie said...

Duuude. I watched something on Travel Channel or Food Network or something about this place that makes... (get ready)....fricken bacon wrapped hotdogs, DEEP FRIED, somethered with delicious toppings like pineapple and teriaki sauce. I haven't stopped thinking about it since about Satuday when I watched it. OM NOM NOM NOM.

Point? Bacon wrapped hotdogs actually sound pretty nummy right now.

Unknown said...

oh Dixie's little chat with you about bellybuttons made DH and I LOL. Nice post ;)

dalene said...

My 5 year old son wanted to know why some penises are "wrapped" while others are "unwrapped." Took me a minute, then I explained circumcision. LOL.