One funny per kid

Melody has renamed eyeliner. It shall now be known as Eye Underwear, "because you wear it under your eyes, mama!"


Dixie: sigh. Girls just don't get what boys want.

Me: What does that mean exactly?

Dixie: That's my little secret.


Charlie is running around naked after a bath and we are playing the booty game--where I chase him down, smacking his little naked booty and yelling 'booty! booty! booty!'

Yes, I am a great role model.

About halfway through the game, I have him pinned on the couch and say, "Your booty is like pudding! You have booty pudding!"

He becomes indignant, "My booty is NOT. You do not eat my booty. It is not tasty."


Caroline Davoust said...

So wise, that Charlie.

Missives From Suburbia said...

I sometimes wonder if I'm going to scar my children by squishing their sweet baby booties. It comforts me to know you're scarring yours similarly.

Unknown said...

Canaan and I play "boot the rear" where he comes up and says "Don't boot the rear, Mommy!" and I pretend to kick him in the behind. He thinks it is hilarious.