It's a cake

renee's cake

So my friend Renee is expecting and her shower is tomorrow. I had the new experience this week of making fondant from scratch, coloring it, making monkeys and trees out of it and then baking a cake to put it on.

renee's cake

The cake should be good--I found a chocolate pound cake recipe that involved things I've never done before like folding in egg whites after beating them to stiff peaks. That was a crazy mess. Between the 3 layers, I spread some of the strawberry jam I canned last summer. I made some almond buttercream to go between the fondant and the cake.


I'm tired, and my feet hurt. But I made one freaking awesome cake.


C.G said...

That is a fantastic cake!

mjvaughans said...

It does look awesome! Thank goodness you did that part - I would have been a disaster baking with everything else going on around here! Can't wait to see you today :-)

Anna Mae said...

It looks amazing! Great job!!!

msguish said...

I can't wait to see it . . . and you . . . in person! Good job, supermom.

PapillionMom said...

Absolutely beautiful, Gretchen. I hope I have your talent in a couple weeks when I attempt to make this cake for my neighbor's first birthday party. http://www.cakecentral.com/cake-photo-786433.html

Anonymous said...

You shall know them by their cakes ------

Lori said...

Great job! It looks fantastic!