You know you've been busy when you forget about the broken nose.

On Good Friday, I get home after a long and exhausting day. Charlie is wired beyond what I can describe. I've been home perhaps five minutes when he jumps head-first into my face.

Stars. Blackness. Explosion of pain.

I go straight to bed with an ice pack. After an hour, Dowlan comes to check on me and brings a hand mirror. I am swollen and Rudolphian in profile.

Fortunately, there was no significant bruising and the swelling was down before I had to go to work the next week. This left me with only two problems: sneezing and glasses. The first time I sneezed, I thought I was going to die. More stars and blackness.

After trying many different ways to hold them up, shift them over, etc, I gave up. Wearing them freaking hurt. By the end of each day, I was icing myself down, even in public. And, two weeks later, the pain is down to an annoying dull ache.

Unfortunately, I no longer have any idea where my glasses are. Yeah, things are going that well.


Anonymous said...

I much prefer broken ribs. Completely pain free, as long as you don't sneeze, laugh or .... breathe.

Love Papa

Lori said...

Oh no! Hope the annoying dull ache subsides soon.