This may get old quickly . . .

Dowlan started working for the census today. His training is 40 hours this week during standard business hours. After that, he is allowed to work any hours he wishes, as long as it is daylight. The plan is for me to keep working at Pearson 42.5 hours a week and at Sylvan for 10-15 hours a week and have him go out and work whatever hours I'm home. For this week, we have childcare arranged; after this week, it is tag-team parenting.

It seems insane, yes, but my Pearson job only runs for 4 more weeks and the entire census job may be done in as few as 5 weeks. That they overlap is annoying, but there's not much else on the horizon for awhile and so we need to take them.

To make matters less interesting, we both find ourselves in jobs we're not allowed to talk about. He's under oath to not reveal anything about the households he works; I'm not allowed to reveal anything about the papers I score. I probably shouldn't say too much about the kids I tutor, either. So I anticipate dinner conversations about like this:

D: Hi, I'm home.
G: Hi, honey! How was your day?
D: Fine. Yours?
G: Fine.

It must be what it's like working for the CIA.


barefoot gardener said...

That's also what it is like working in healthcare. Don't worry, you find things to talk about...

Good luck with making it all work!

Jeremiah said...

Sounds like a real-life "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" played by a real-life Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Sally P said...

A little quiet is nice sometimes :)
We just usually talk about the kids.
Good luck with everything.