The squeaky wheel gets the shaft

That's the old saying, right?

I called Health and Human Services today to see if anything could be done to expedite reactivating Medicaid. Cheryl, the extremely kind and thorough person I spoke with, tried to figure out the problem and the problem is this: it wasn't supposed to be made temporarily inactive, it was supposed to be canceled.

Apparently, I no longer have qualifying children in the household. I told her,
"Well, I'm looking at three of them right now and they're still in my household," and she giggled a bit.

She sent a new application in case appeals doesn't work out and forwarded my call to appeals. Appeals took notes on the case then sent me to a caseworker. The caseworker took notes on my case then forwarded me to the voicemail of the person who is supposed to be my caseworker. She will call me back by the end of business hours tomorrow.

Total call time: 1:07:34

Why The Face, you say? Why The Face, indeed.


Deb said...

Oh, my God.

Sally P said...

Eekks! Watch ouT For this momma!
I'm so sorry!!! And people wonder why public health care is not the best option.
Get out the bubble bath & remember to breathe.

dalene said...

I'm with Deb.