Charlie logic

While in the pool, Charlie got water splashed in his eyes. Once he got them dried out, he wanted to know what color the water made his blue eyes. I told him his eyes were already water blue.

All afternoon, he talked about his water blue eyes. He talked about mommy's water blue eyes, daddy's water blue eyes and Melody's water blue eyes.

Problem? Dixie doesn't have water blue eyes. She has brown eyes, something she's already sensitive about. Actually, she has gorgeous green-brown-gold hazel eyes, but all she sees is that she has different eyes from the rest of the family.

Charlie told her, "You no water blue eyes. You eyes brown. Dirt is brown. You eyes have dirt in it?" That went over about as well as one might expect.

Charlie decided it was time to expand his logic to the next degree. "Tchawie's hair is lellow. It has pee in it. Dixie's hair is pooped in."

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