Project Week

The kids are dividing the week between various grandmothers and aunties, and Dowlan and I were happy to be able to get in a lot of hours of work without having to tag-team the child care. This plan isn't going so well-- I'm working fewer hours this week (only 48) and the census seems to be out of work right now.

As much as we could have used the $900 he would have made, I am content with getting some manual labor out of him.

Sunday was catchup day on housework. Fortunately, I'd only been back at work a week, so there wasn't so much to do.

Yesterday was Grinch Day--we cleared out toys while the children were gone. Two laundry baskets for the domestic violence shelter and a trashcan of bits and pieces are gone. We could probably use a second round before the week is over. Also took the car in to the shop and started clearing some of the junk behind the shed that has piled up over the years.

Today was bike shed day--taking a little corner under the porch, putting gravel under it, a rack in it and a roof over it. I'm a bit impressed with my idea, so I'll take pics when it's daylight (and finished).

Tomorrow is job coach day--the church has hired someone to do ten sessions with him. Hopefully, he'll learn some skills that will help him out. During the afternoon, he gets to spend some quality time in the living room with the carpet shampooer.

I also have big plans for yardwork, bathroom cabinets, closets, the shed and the crawlspace under the house. I love issuing decrees, then heading off for work. Tee-hee!


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