Contents of Today's Mail:

1 medical bill
1 credit card bill
2 identical catalogs
2 reminder cards from the girls' dentist
1 rejection letter from Dowlan's interview last week


jenn said...

So sorry.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Gretchen. My hubby has been out of work for almost 7 months and it is so hard and such a rollercoaster. Big hugs to you!

Mrs. Joyce said...

I'm praying for God's favor on Dowlan. Favor in God's eyes and in the eyes of the interviewers and hirers!

Jeremiah said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry :(

megaroonie said...

Dislike :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad news. At least that company had the cajones to send out letters. So few will even bother these days.

Love ~ Papa