I love, love, love

 the way Charlie says Wat-ter, Dy-no-myte and Bo-nanner. And the way his little yellow hair shines like a halo, except where it sticks up a bit in the back. I love the way, when he's wearing his overalls over a striped shirt, he looks like Dennis the Menace. I want to teach him to say, "Halloooooo, Mister Wilson!!" and keep frogs in the overall bib.

Okay, maybe not the frogs.

I love that, when you push the coffee table back to vacuum, the children fill the space up like their own little gymnasium. And the way that, after all this Little House On the Prairie, they like to square dance.

I like that, when they play Hide and Go Seek, Charlie makes certain to tag me, whether or not I'm playing.

I like that Dixie's  hair is long enough to touch her shoulder blades and she likes to wear it in pony tails and promise to never, ever again cut it. I like that, when Melody reads to me, she really gets into it.

I like this mommy gig.


Mrs. Joyce said...

You're good at it too!

Anonymous said...

I love that my Grandchildren have such a wonderful Mommy.

~ the Papa

Anna said...

this makes me want to have kids sooner...