Six year checkup, five months late

Today the pediatrician pronounced Melody, "Perfectly healthy and clearly smart." She weighs 38 lb and is 44 inches tall, which puts her at 5%ile for weight and 25%ile for height. She answered most of the questions the doctor asked me, and the doctor concluded, "I assume you're not worried about her ability to handle social situations."

Dixie, at 6 years 10 months, is 47 inches tall and 50 pounds. Charlie, at 3 years 10 months, is 38 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds.

See, I'm too lazy for a baby book, so it all goes here. Speaking of this blog, we were on the way home from the doctor and she said, "Why don't I have a website? Everyone else has a website."

"Good point," I replied. "You do have my blog."

"That doesn't count. It isn't mine," she countered.

"Do you want your own blog?" I asked.

"No, that would be silly," she said. "I'm only a child."

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Mrs. Joyce said...

No problem with the brain-it's in the one hundred seventy eleventh percentile.