Dowlan's job interview was three hours, during which he answered some personality and personal history questions and talked to three different people. If he makes the cut, they will call next week to schedule a final interview.

When I went to pick Charlie up from his first day of school, his teacher seemed shell-shocked. Her first question was, "Does he like green?" Three different times today, he was hysterically sobbing over not getting the green cubby, then chair, then folder. She hoped that it was because she was not used to being away from home. She described him as 'very busy' and said she hoped he would calm down once he was used to things.

Yeah, lady. Good luck with that.

Oh, and I hugged him a bit before putting him in his carseat. He grabbed for his lunch bag to regain possession of his Chuck E Cheese green spoon and then informed me, "You love me, but I don't like you. I like and love only Daddy and Dowlan."

Punk. Glad I gave birth to you.

Tomorrow, Dowlan goes for more job coaching and Charlie has his second day of work. The girls get to go play at a friends for a bit and I get to work both jobs.

Don't forget--Thursday is when we meet with the geneticist. I spoke with a friend today whose daughter had seen her and she said that the doctor we're seeing is quite good. Had a lot of great information to share with her and that it was amazing how specifically she could pinpoint areas of concern.

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Unknown said...

Big Kid used to pull that "Daddy only" bullshit--he even refused to call me anything other than 'Ashley' between the ages of 2 and 3 (I HATED this) and would never let me console him when he was acting like a psycho. Ungrateful little brats! He did go back to loving me though, so there's hope for you.

The interview and the appt both sound promising! Is Dowlan and Daddy going to follow up with a thank you note? I like doing that but I know some people think it's too kiss-ass. Good luck!