I'm not ready for this

Charlie is on the verge of giving up naps. He's almost four, so we've held out a good long time, but I'm just not ready to have him awake fourteen hours a day, all summer long. I need those two hours. That's the time I get the girls' homeschooling done, or get the kitchen actually clean, or simply do nothing at all. When Charlie is awake, there is no downtime.

He is not falling asleep in the car as often and only lays down in his room if he's particularly angry and cries himself into exhaustion. (With some of his sensory issues, this happens more often than one might think.) What does seem to work is laying down in front of the television watching WonderPets for about an hour before he nods off.

This is sewious.

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PapillionMom said...

I milked my kids' naps as long as possible by allowing the same movie every.single.day for almost a year. Generally they'd get 10 mins into it and bam...90 minute nap :-)