How many questions can a girl ask in ten minutes?


Mommy? Am I magic? mommy, I have to go pee. Veryveryveryveryvery bad. Mommy, can you take me to the grocery store? Mommy, can you tell me a joke? Mommy, that joke wasn't funny because you didn't say knock knock. Mommy? Do you wish you were Cinderella? Mommy, please tell me your middle name. That isn't your middle name. No it isn't. Because I don't like it. Mommy, if that is your middle name, then I won't be your kid anymore. Mommy, when will baby Charlie turn one hundred? What is bigger than one hundred? What is bigger than one hundred and one? And then what is next? Mommy, how many is sixty-forty-twelve? Mommy, do you like blue? Mommy, how long until the Fourth of July? Why can't it be sooner?


Rebecca said...

I'd like to tell you that it gets better....but....since I have a ten year old that will jabber your ear off, I have no advice.

Anonymous said...

My mother in law's famous last words were...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!
When my kids were little I didn't appreciate her words but it is true!
My Mirinda was a chatter box and behind her back we called her THE WART. She festered about stuff.
We always said that if we took her to Disneyland she'd ask,"What are we going to do after this?" AND SHE DID!