I've been issued a challenge!

"Tag! You're it! 8 Interesting/Random things about yourself....and.....go!"

1. I can pick my nose with my tongue.
2. Yes, I am an opera singer.
3. I once pierced my own ear with a safety pin. Not recommended, BTW.
4. I was voted "Girl Most Changed Since High School" at my 10th reunion this month. I guess no one had me pegged as a suburban housewife.
5. I only had three wisdom teeth.
6. I have twice rented my body out for the sake of science.
7. I am very skilled with power tools AND sewing machines.
8. I am the only person Chuck Norris fears.
9. I have difficulty conforming to society's rules.


Rebecca said...

9! You found 9! I struggled with 8!

Leah said...

I'd like to hear more about #6!! LOL

~Gretchen~ said...

In college i needed my wisdom teeth out and did a Pharmaco drug study testing different pain meds after surgical procedures, so instead of paying big $$$ to get them removed, i let them pay me $250 instead.

The second time was a drug study to get FDA approval to use the already on-the-market drug Lyrica for treatment of fibromyalgia. I am so glad I called because it was the most amazing treatment I have ever found and my life is so much better now that can manage my pain.