There's not much funny to share

with a baby in the hospital. He has croup and has been in an oxygen/humidity tent since yesterday morning.

We got into Abilene on Wednesday night, went to a Halloween Carnival, went Trick-or Treating at Aunt B's house, and came to Oma and Papa's and then tried to get Charlie to bed. He stayed up until 11:30, happy and playing.

He woke up at 4:30, crying, screaming and miserable. Coughing and snotty. We swapped off bouncing and snuggling. He finally ate something at 7:30. Charlie never skips a meal. By 9:30, he was struggling with every breath. So I took him to see Dr. Maslanka, who I used to see as a kid.

I expected that it was more bronchiolitis, which he has had a couple of times and just needed an allbuterol treatment. However, it is croup. When he had his first good nap, the oxygen rate dropped to 88%. Normal is 94-96%. So they put one of those hoses on his nose, which he loved, of course.

He has been in the hospital for a day now and will definitely be in till Saturday. He can't go home until he can go all night without oxygen. Last night his pulse oxygen rates kept dipping and they had to double the amount of oxygen going through his nose tub. So I am afraid this may take longer than anyone wants it to.

Between bouts of torture, he plays pretty happily in his little crib and has finally started eating. Mostly he is just grumpy because he is a very, very tired boy.

We have our cell phone with us there if you need to find us.


Liz said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through such a thing! :( I'll keep your baby in my thoughts and I hope he gets better soon!

Leah said...

OH! Poor Charlie! HUGS to him (and you!). I hope he's feeling better and BACK HOME, soon!!!

barefoot gardener said...

Croup stinks! Sorry little one is feeling so poorly. Here's hoping all goes well...

Anonymous said...

Poor Charlie!! I hope he gets better real quick!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs and kissed for Charlie. Hope he feels better soon!