Those of you not from Texas may not get this . . .

My 10th high school reunion was this past weekend. I had a really great time and enjoyed catching up with people.

Right after high school, I moved to Austin to go to the University of Texas. I am a proud Texas Longhorn and I have the tattoo and student loans to prove it.

So we are at the after party from the reunion and we are standing in some guy's garage at 1:00 a.m. and a lot of drinking has occurred in the last six hours. Jeff comes up to me, gives me a huge hug, and we start chatting. I see his Texas A&M ring and we start talking smack like any good rivals should. Then Just comes up to see what we're talking about. So I am a Longhorn, Just is a Red Raider and Jeff is an Aggie.

I told them, "Hey, if we all walk into the bar, are we the start of a joke?"

Even better: the Aggie didn't get it.


Anonymous said...

That's great. Sounds like you had a good time! :)

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious. I live 30 minutes from Lubbock, so I totally get it.

Anonymous said...

Chance is a Red Raider all the way! So to him "Longhorn's" is like fingers on a chalk board. Since I "grew" up a LONGHORN either team is ok by me. (Is that possible??) I can say I got the joke to since I to live about 40 miles from "Raider Land"

Ksagstetter said...

Ha! The best part is that the Aggie didn't get it. Oh, sometimes I miss Texas.