Where have you been, Gretchen?

2 loads of dishes
5 loads of laundry
cooking dinner
baking cookies
packing boxes for a church project
cleaning the bathrooms
mopping the floors
cleaning out the cabinet i opened yesterday and had to duck from the ensuing avalanche
unearthing my counters from the piles of whatever that is
waiting for my husband to come home

and packing so that tomorrow i can experience the joys of three kids with diarrhea on a 250 mile road trip . . . . and Dixie just started throwing up.

The kids have had 'squishy poop' for days now. In fact, Melody was already pooping when Dixie ran in to go and couldn't make it to the other bathroom so she pooped, get this, in the trash can. I would have chalked it up to ingenuity and quick thinking and declared that it was proof positive of Annie's Treatise on Scatalogical Urgency ("When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.") if she hadn't enjoyed how completely horrified and traumatized that her sister was by this act.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be Dixie for Halloween next year because she is my hero ;) Seriously, she's an evile genius and I'd rather be with her, than against her. ;)

Try and have a good trip - take lots of trash cans!

Leah said...

Good luck on the drive! I was going to suggest lots of trash cans as well, but someone beat me to it! ha ha! That really was quick thinking on her part... LOL