As part of the Divine Right of being a Stay-at-home-Mommy

I get to make the Halloween costumes. I love to sew, am very creative, but hardly ever get a good chance to anymore, so I am thrilled.

Dixie wants to be Dorothy. Blue plaid pinafore over a white shirt, braids, basket, socks and ruby slippers. I can do that.

To complement her, we will have Charlie the Cowardly Lion, Daddy the Scarecrow (no brain jokes, please!), Melody/Glenda the Good Witch and Mommy, the Wicked Witch of the West. (Please don't ask me why I'm not dressing up this year.)

I figure Melody will enjoy the Glenda gig. She gets to wear the biggest, fanciest, fluffiest dress of her lifetime, shiny shoes, a tiara and carry a magic wand.

No. I figure wrong. Melody wants to be Ariel. But not Mermaid Ariel. No, that would be too easy. She wants to be 'Married Dress Ariel.' That's right--she wants me to sew her a full wedding dress. I offered to make her a seashell bra and a green fin, but this will not do. I offered to make her a red flowing yarn wig. She said something along the lines that that will go really nicely with Ariel's Married Dress, and that she would expect no less.

I have some really impressive sewing skills, and a good bit of time on my hands, but sewing an extensively fluffy wedding dress with a fitted bodice and puff sleeves is beyond how far I am willing to go with this holiday.

Especially since I run full risk of her deciding at 8 minutes till dusk on Oct 31st that she really wants to be Glenda instead.

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Deb said...

Look on the bright side: once you get the bride-y dress done, it could double for Glinda's dress in a pinch.