Sometimes they just know too much

Sundays in October, Dowlan and I are assisting the teacher in 2s and 3s worship, so Dixie, even though she is four, comes along. Otherwise, she would be in church all by herself, which is clearly NOT a good idea.

So we're talking baby Moses. Cool. They hear a story. They play a game. Then they get a little naked baby doll and a little blanket and pretend that this is their baby. They talk about what babies need. They wrap the baby up, the hug the baby, they kiss the baby, they rock it to sleep. Then it is time to feed the baby.

Teacher: Let's give baby a bottle. What do babies drink in their bottle?
Melody: Oil. (Inexplicably, Mel has always referred to formula as oil.)
Teacher: Do babies like to drink their bottles?
Dixie: Oh yes, but they also like to drink chi-chi milk from their mommies' (pointing) these.

Great, kids. Just great. I'm just glad Dixie couldn't get the dress up fast enough to really show her where the milk came from.


And at the zoo today?

Melody: Mommy! That monkey is a boy! It has a penis! Can you see the moneky's penis? Why is that monkey trying to touch the other monkey with his penis?

Sometimes, there is just no good answer.


I had to come back this morning to add that Melody once told me, "I am a girl. I have a chinny-chin-chin. I do not have a penis, or a beard."


Anonymous said...

LOL - chi chi milk! Classic.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Sometimes, SOMEONE has to say the facts. moses wouldhave preferred chichi's, and WHY was the boy monkey touching someone else's penis. All very profound observations.