Things I overheard in the car today

Dixie: Melody, do you know why Daddy is going to be Scarecrow for Halloween?
Melody: Why?
Dixie: Because he doesn't have a brain!

(On our way to a party, in costume, with James in the car)
Melody: James, Mommy is Ursula. She is a witch. That i why she has to have a nipple on her face.
James: Aunt Gretchen, why do witches have nipples on their faces?
Gretchen: It is a mole.
Dixie: No it iiiiisssssssn't. It's a Niiiippppllleeeee.
James: But why do you have one on your face?
Gretchen: To be ugly enough to scare small children. Is it working?


We went to three Halloween parties today. We went to one yesterday and have one tomorrow.

Disaster struck between parties one and two today. I left Dowlan with two sleeping children and one groggy child. I went to Hobby Lobby to get raffia for his costume. Dixie, my particularly creative and destructive child gave herself her third haircut today. On the first two, she didn't have time to do much damage because Mommy is well aware of the fact that Quiet + Dixie = Trouble, or Q+D=T. Daddy is not as suave to this. In the ten minutes I had to spare while attempting to dress us all and finish Dowlan's scarecrow get-up, I did my best to even up her haircut. It is very cute, very boyish, and makes me want to cry every time I see it.

It was particularly fun at our church party because I had at least ten Ariels to chase after and shriek with laughter as I mocked them and claimed to have stolen their voice. One little girl in particular had fun screeching every single time she saw me.

I can tell that we have finally gotten cozy here because I actually knew enough people to have a good time seeing their kids dressed up and playing with my kids.


Anonymous said...

You are the greatest writer, and again I have to say that you
make my day, daily! I read four blogs every day. My niece Leah's being right up there with yours. Could you peek at hers for fun?
She has three little kids that prompt her daily writings like yours. If I had a blog it would be about my red headed "grandpup" Cooper. He's my grown daughter's golden retriever pup who tries so hard to be good, but can't. I have no sprinklers, no hose that is not chewed in half and my yard that is normally park like is RUINED.But I am in love : )

Rebecca said...

Must. See. Photo.