Thanks, Ariel

The Little Mermaid has created a bra-fascination amongst the demographic of girls ages 3-4 in this house. It is just what we needed to continue this obsession with mommy's body once Charlie was weaned. Take this conversation:

Dixie: Are you getting dressed?
Mommy: What do you think? Does it look like I'm getting dressed?*
*by the way--this wasn't sarcastic (shocking, i know!) My means of combatting incessant questions about the obvious is to ask the asker what she thinks about the question and what the answer is.
Dixie: Yes. Mommy, are your bras to hold your chi-chis up or down?
Mommy: Um. Up.
Dixie: Why did Charlie drink all the milk in them?
M: Oh, I guess he was very thirsty.
D: Does your bra keep your chi-chi-s from bothering you?
M: Uhm. Something like that.
Melody: Why do you wear a shirt over your bra?
M: To prevent sudden blindness and traffic accidents.
D: But Ariel NEVER wears a shirt over her bras.
M: Yes, she does when she's a human.
D: Do you wear a shirt over your bras when you're a human?
M: What do you think Dixie?
Dixie skips the question entirely and goes on a 15 minute tirade about bras and mermaids that I was laughing too hard to catch most of.


Jennifer said...

I thank Ariel every time I put on my "boobie shells". I'm glad I don't have the only set of boobs with mermaid-inspired attention!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!! I wondered what little girls thought of her shells!