Oma Swears that this Is NOT True

Melody: Mommy, why do you stop at red lights?
Mommy: Because that's what you're supposed to do.
Melody: But Oma doesn't. She speeds up and goes faster, faster, faster!


When Dixie came to live with us last January, the first month was like a honeymoon. The girls played together happily, endlessly, perfectly. After the novelty wore off and Dixie realized that she was in for the long haul, she with through a rough patch that I like to refer to as the "Can I be bad enough that you let me go back home to grandma" stage.

Melody also had her moments where she found this to be officially Not a Good Idea. They occurred about as frequently as, say, breathing in or out. During the midst of this time, we had the following conversation.

Melody: Mommy, why is Dixie so mean?
Mommy: She's having a hard time. Can you imagine how hard it would be if I went away and you never got to see me again?
Melody: But you can't go away! If you go away, who is going to drive us places?

I guess it is important to know your role, eh?


Unknown said...

You are the chauffeur and don't you forget it! LOL about Oma speeding through red lights, that's such a charming childhood memory to have.

Unknown said...

just another one of your stalkers ummm stalking. Love your blog its hilarious!

Deb said...

Remind her of that driving bit when she's 16 and wants to borrow your car. (But don't remind her about the red lights story.)