I already know that I am going to regret teaching them this.

My only hope is that the policeman who comes to our door as a direct result has small children and is an understanding soul.

I recently heard tale of a three-year-old whose mommy was experiencing a seizure, stroke, aneurysm, something. This child knew to call 911 and tell the operator that Mommy's sick. Help was on it's way and all ended well.

So in the van on the way home from gymnastics, we learned about the emergency number. Each girl said it around fourteen times. I also made sure that they remembered our address and city. It was all good.

Until we delved into a specific definition of emergency. I told them that a good time to call would be if something were on fire, or if Mommy or Daddy were very sick and so sick that we couldn't talk to them or be woken up. I then asked for examples of an emergency and got the following:

* When you reallllllllly have to pee-pee.
* When your dog explodes on fire. (We don't have a dog.)
* When your sister is hurt really badly from doing a dangerous thing.

By the third one, I felt like they might have possibly caught on. Until the girls are going up the steps to the house and melody gets an idea. She hops down the stairs on one foot saying, 'Look, I'm doing a dangerous thing!' to which Dixie responds 'Mommy, where's the phone?'


Unknown said...

LOL, I haven't even gone there with the 911 thing yet, although I guess I should. I just DO NOT need the police rolling up unannounced at any time.

barefoot gardener said...

On the up side, you will get to know your local law enforcement officers really well.

I'm sure they will forgive all when they see how adorable your kids are.

Deb said...

Do the police charge you after a certain number of visits? Or is that only when you set off an alarm accidentally over and over? Hmm...