More advice from Dixie

"Mommy, do not drive into the gym. You will hurt the van and the gym and then people won't be able to go there to exercise and they will all be so sad."

This reminds me of the day this summer that the kids and I were at the pool for playgroup. A sudden storm blows in. The temp drops, the wind is strong and it starts to rain. Everyone jumps out and is getting dressed. It naturally takes us forever to get dried, dressed, a bottle for Charlie, and to the car.

The girls are taking their sweet time getting into their car seats and their straps around them. I tell them to hurry, because I am still getting rained on. Dixie tells me, "Mommy, hurry, hurry, don't get wet because then you'll melt and die and I will have to drive us all home and I am not a very good driver and I will hit the other cars with our car and everyone will be so sad."

This is the most logical sequence of events to come out me getting rained on, right?

So I am telling this story to my good friend Brendan (Hi, Brendan!) who wants to know where she got the idea of me melting. I assumed that it came from the Wizard of Oz, because she loves that movie.

Brendan looks at me and says, "So, does that make you the Wicked Witch? What exactly was Dixie trying to say about you there?"


barefoot gardener said...

I am sure she just meant that you are made of sugar.....right?

Nicole said...

Exactly what I was going to say (sugar) but also add that she may think you are Finnish (as in from Finland). I've had several people tell me that they would melt in rain...most of them are of Finnish decent.