*sniff* What a big boy

So you may have noticed that Charlie does not get mentioned all that much around here. That is mainly because he, well, doesn't really say much. Mamma, Boof and Da are all cute, yes, but lack some of the witty flair that my readers have grown accustomed to.

I spent a good deal of this evening packing away his clothing that he is rapidly outgrowing and getting out the next bigger size. Yes, it is rather laughable to think that I just put away the 6-9 month clothes and dug around for the 9-12s when you think about Charlie being 14.5 months old. But it still makes mommy a little teary and sentimental.

Especially because it seems like I am putting away baby clothes and getting out big boy clothes. These clothes don't have little embroidered and appliqu├ęd puppies and bears. They do not have snaps running from neck to toe. They are not soft and fuzzy. These are the things I put away and have replaced with khakis, Hawaiian shirts and shirts that are either striped, solid or printed with bugs.

It was also a little funny to be getting out hoodies and blanket sleepers in my house with the a/c running and still not stopping the sweat from dripping. I don't know if other people feel this way, but when I am wearing shorts and a tank top, I find it hard to imagine that winter will ever actually come again.

As for Charlie, he decided today to put his foot in firmly with the walking people camp. He has been able to take steps since August, but hasn't really seemed all that impressed with what walking can do for him. Today, however, he has walked across the room several times and actually made some attempts to play games with his sisters while on his feet.

He walks like he's had way too much to drink, but I figure I should cut the boy some slack. He does have only six teeth, after all.

There is also this notion in parenting that babies should be off the bottle with no looking back by the magical age of 1. This is all well and good for those whose babies were actually capable of drinking in any other fashion at that point. Charlie at 12 months, despite having worked on the sippy concept and having made attempts with every known type of cup on the market for six solid months, has just recently been able to get the fluid from inside the cup to inside his body. Well, today he started taking more than just juice from the sippy and was down to just the night time bottle.

I guess my Little Boofers is growing up.

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Deb said...

Noooo... NOT CHARLIE! I'm tired of these kids growing up.