I think it was last summer during my 2 months of bedrest that Dowlan first introduced the concept of Hide-N-Seek to Melody. She was a great hider, and being a tiny twenty-one pounds really helped. She could squeeze into tiny spots and, after the first few games, got pretty good at not always hiding in the same spot. However, she thought the game so exciting that her entire body would shiver in anticipation of being found and if Daddy took too long she couldn't stand it. It went something like this:

Daddy: Where's Melody? Is she in the couch cushions?
Melody, not realizing that this did not contribute to the spirit of the game, in this tiny little voice, answers: No.
D: Is she under Mommy's foot?
M: No.
D: Is she under Mommy's other foot?
M: No! I'm right here!

And Melody would hop out and Daddy would chase her down. Often, Melody would hide with me and would tremble as she said, "Ooh! Scawy, scawy!"

What was even more hysterical to witness was Daddy's turn to hide. Melody, being quite small, could only count to 2. So she would put her hands over her eyes without warning, rapidly say, "OneTwoOneTwo" and take off. Dowlan would leap and bound into a hiding spot. The entire house would shake. Melody never had trouble finding him, as she would just follow the noise. I would be laughing so hard that it is a wonder that Charlie wasn't born sooner.

Hide-N-Seek has actually regressed in quality since Dixie came around. She always hides in the same spot:
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And, although I don't have any pictures of this, Melody's hiding has gone downhill as well. It isn't helped by the fact that often Melody will hide and then Dixie will come stand next to her and talk to her.

We may have some redemption in our family game: Charlie has learned to play. Dowlan will sit cross-legged on the floor and say, "Hide, Charlie! Hide!" and the little guy will crawl off and round a corner and sit, waiting to be found


Rebecca said...

Hide and Seek has always been one of our favorite games. It gets even better when they can all play it on their own whie you cook dinner!

Leah said...

My kids and husband LOVE playing hide and seek together. I have a great picture somewhere of my middle child (who was about 20 months old at the time) who had crawled underneath the little table in his sister's room, that has a long draped cloth over the top, and all you could see was the tips of feet hanging out. LOL! I'm glad to hear other families enjoy the game as much as we do!