Ms. Melody

Something the kids were doing this morning reminded me of this one.

Melody had never cared that the TV was on or off until she was 22 months old and had strep so badly that she couldn't do anything but sit up on the couch and watch cartoons. Fortunately, we'd just gotten a DVR (think TIVO) and had a few episodes of JoJo's Circus and Charlie and Lola captured.

For those of you who have not yet seen JoJo's Circus, it is about a young clown girl named JoJo who is in a clown family and attends clown school. The show is done in claymation and is stinkin' adorable. She learns a lesson every day and everything has a circus twist. For instance, in their garden they grow squirting flowers and her kite is a giggle kite that needs not wind but laughter in order to soar.

So spending about 48 straight hours watching television hooks her for life and it is months before we can convince her that this is not the normal way that she should live. Even though the access is far more limited than it was that weekend, JoJo and Charlie and Lola remain her favorite programs to this day.

So last summer, Melody wanted to play Teacher. But she doesn't read a book or point out things on a board and ask questions. Nope, she stands up and says, "Boys and Girls! Boys and Girls! Put your bunny ears on and hop! Hop! Hop!" Which is exactly How Mrs. Kersplatski does it on Jojo. Except it takes us weeks to figure this out.

Don't you wish your teachers had only expected that from you?

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Leah said...

adorable! We had Jo Jo's Circus very briefly when my oldest was YOUNG. It was a BRAND NEW SHOW at that point, but then we got cheaper cable which did NOT include Disney Channel (sigh) "hey jo jo what do you say? We all want to know what you learned today..." See, four years later, I STILL remember the song! ha!

Melody sounds adorable. What a fun story!