Dante forgot the level of hell

where, all on one Saturday, you have 5.5 hours of work, have your electricity off for 4.5 hours on a morning with record cold temperatures, have three children, have two Chuck E Cheese birthday parties, and have one giant FAIL for the gluten-free casein-free diet that keeps your small autistic child from behaving like a psychotic, raving animal.

This is followed by a Sunday involving a small, unpotty-trained child suddenly dedicated to a clothing-free lifestyle on the coldest morning ever recorded for your city. As an added bonus, the older children look fashion-backwards at best and homeless at worst and, as you finally get out the door to church with them, one refuses shoes and the other refuses a coat on the coldest morning ever recorded for your city.

Did I mention it was cold? And that they were awful?

I am so tired. And my head hurts so badly. And Charlie is so naked. He is currently sleeping naked on a desk chair. I tucked a sham-wow underneath him and threw a blanket on top.

I have finally convinced the girls that this is not ideal snuggle with mommy time and they are playing Barbies in their room. So far, they are not fighting. This will not last.

Tomorrow, they will go to school. I keep telling myself this. And Dowlan is doing some temp work right now, so he will leave for a few hours, leaving Charlie and I to enjoy the peace of an almost-empty house. His body will work the glutens and caseins out and I will work the clothes on.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

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