I have been a mommy for six years now

It's a little hard to believe, but this one is now six:

This morning, we had a Princesses in Pajamas eating Pancakes and getting Pedicures party.

With some help, I painted ten little girls' worth of toe-piggies:

They were too tiny for most of the little nail decals:

I'm not entirely sure I have an attractive side, but I am pretty sure this is not it:

By the time this picture was taken, she was a little tired of standing and grinning for the paparazzi.

I would like to point out that this picture features all three of my children, close to each other, looking the same direction with no one crying. If we ignore for a moment that my red-eye feature doesn't seem to be working on my photo editing software, I think we can all appreciate the wonder that is this photo:

Speaking of appreciating wonders, I would like to pause and brag about the cake I made:

I made some gluten-free, casein-free cupcakes for Charlie and one of the mamas there.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


AM said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Great job on the cake!!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!!


Deb said...

That cake is amazing, nearly as amazing as that photo of the three of them. They are all gorgeous, G.

Anonymous said...

Amazing cake! Looks like a wonderful party.
I can't believe she's 6.


Ksagstetter said...

Wow, I remember when Dowlan called me while I was driving to that awful teaching job in Houston, to tell me not that you had given birth, but that you were in labor :)

Sarah said...

LOVE the princess spin you put on the pancakes n' pajamas party! looks like a blast was had by all. Happy Birthday Melody!

Sheri said...

I remember Bryan calling me after I had made it to school to let me know that Melody was here. I also remember talking to you later that day and the smile which spread across my face as I heard the joy in your voice.

I cannot believe it has been six years. Even though my own four almost five year old girl came home and told me it was the BEST PARTY EVER, MOM, I NEED A PEDICURE PARTY, I guess part of me will always see them as our baby girls.

Great party and great job, Mom! :-)

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Melody!