Charlie goes through obsessions over toys and characters that rotate through periodically, but the one constant is LarryBoy. You might remember him from Halloween:


LarryBoy, for those of you un-hip to the ways of animated vegetation, is the superhero incarnation of Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales. He doesn't have any actual powers, just his super suction ears and determination to rid the world of villians as vicious as rumor-spreading weeds and angry eyebrows.

Charlie has a two-inch tall plastic LarryBoy who goes everywhere he goes. In communication, we often speak only to LarryBoy, as it is much more productive than speaking to Charlie.

Today, we learned two key things about LarryBoy--that cucumbers do not make good hammers and that, if you cannot find your cucumber superhero, check the dishwasher first.

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Sally P said...

I was on "finder" duty all day today. "Mommy, where is spaceship, R2, boy, etc, etc?" We lost a tiny piece of the spaceship and spent about an hour looking for the choking hazard. In the process, we cleaned the backseat of the car, behind the fridge, and the kitchen floor. Hoping for less finder duty tomorrow. It's wearing me out!