Ever feel the world sneaking in?

You know, you have your babies and you raise them up in this little bubble you make to keep them safe and little as long as possible. Then you see these things sneak in and wonder where in the world they came from?

Charlie played with the neighbor boys a lot over vacation and learned the following words: dumb, stupid, butt, kick, kill. At a restaurant the other day, he turned to the kid behind us and shouted, "Stop that you stupid kid!" and we were all shocked. He has spent a lot of time over the last few days in time out for saying, "I kick your butt!" when he is angry.

Dixie was playing boxing on the Wii while I cleaned the kitchen tonight. Not realizing I was in earshot, she hollered out, "I'm going to kick you in the nuts!"

She learned that gem at kindergarten.

Because she was not entirely certain what nuts were, I explained that this meant, "Im going to kick you in the penis," and then asked "Do you really want to kick someone in the penis?"

From the grossed out look on her face, I could tell that is not what she had in mind. Small victory for mommy. Bigger problem: Charlie heard that lovely description and now says, "Do you want me to kick you in the penis?"


It is getting harder and harder to maintain

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Amy said...

i know i shouldn't laugh, because my kindergartner is coming home with new gems, but that part with Charlie at the end was pretty funny.