Today, part two

And today, three years ago, we stopped at Kmart to buy a car seat and install it before going over to Grandma's house and pick up a little girl, her suitcase and the things Santa had just brought her.

I promised her grandmother three things: that she would always be her grandmother, that she would be loved beyond measure and that she would be raised in church. So far, so good on all three.

A larger little girl is sitting in flannel kitty jammies, eating yogurt and watching the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America with me this morning as she rests her toes on my coffee table. I know she still feels that tug between homes, between loyalties and identifying who she is, exactly. Not too long ago I found myself holding my sweet girl and telling her, "I wish you didn't need to have a new home, but I am so glad that you are in my home. I am so lucky to be your mommy."

I can't stop thinking of how brave her grandmother was to place this precious and tiny heart in our care.


So these are my two resolutions for this year:
I ended 2009 twenty pounds less than I began it and I intend the same this year.
2010 won't suck.


Anonymous said...

Happy Sister Day! and thank you all for the love that you have given to Dixie and to me.
Grandma Jane

SallyP said...

Hmmm! I like your resolutions. Can I use them? I think I lost 20 also but I gave birth to a baby--that really helped me. :) 2010 is about discipline for me but I'd like it to not suck & lose another 20 would be fantastic.
And Dixie's story is just so sweet when you think about the love y'all have to share with her.
Blessings on the new year & on your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Great visit!!! Looking forward to our next one ~ ~ Papa

Sasha said...

Happy New Year!