It's just a cookie

Dixie hands Daddy the paper out of her fortune cookie and asks him to read it . . .

Daddy: It says, "Get ready to have fun! Panda Express."
Dixie: How did it know I'm ready to have fun?
Melody: It doesn't know. It's just a cookie.

Maybe we need a fortune cookie that reads, "You will do all your work at school today. Panda Express."

Dixie's latest trick is turning in a blank page at school. She writes her name on the top, pretends like she's working, then turns it in, undone.

Her teacher, having caught on to this, checks to see that a paper is done before accepting it. Dixie, having caught onto that, has started to fill in, circle and write things at random before turning them in.

Her teacher mentioned to her that you have to finish kindergarten work to get to go to first grade. This widened her eyes and got her cracking. Unfortunately, that lasted only two days. Late this morning, as I was zoned out, trying to sort out the next steps for Charlie, the phone rang and I heard a teeny voice saying, "Mommy? I made some bad choices," coming from the other end of the phone.


This parenting thing is exhausting. It's always something. Where's my cookie reading, "Enjoy your weekend at the luxury spa while a team of experts clean and reorganize your home. Panda Express."?

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April said...

There is no patronization in my voice as I say this: I am proud of you Gretchen Christensen Smith. Love you.